Friday, June 6, 2008


You know…I’ve been thinking (thinking and thinking!!) over the last couple of days. Now the big question is…what am I thinking?

I’ve never felt so silly in my life. My minds a complete blank. It simply keeps on wandering from one situation to another and from one person to another. And it is not one particular thing I’m thinking about, its like having ‘n’ number of thoughts at the same time. Why can’t I just be normal…think normal…behave normal???

And I suddenly realise..I’m not able to pen down my thoughts coz my mind is in a complete mess. Its too preoccupied with vague and senseless things (not even ones that I would mention here). Probably I should try meditation. Probably I should go to sleep…ummm…here I go again. So many thoughts in my birdie brain. Where do they come from??

And the after effects: I am becoming so irritable (is it lack of sleep?) and keep getting into arguments with anybody I lay my hands on…I feel I’m sounding like a witch now :( Did I tell anyone I’m not completing my 8 hours of beauty sleep?? Leave 8 hours, I hardly sleep for 4 or 5 hours. Its nearly 12 and I’m still awake thinking about…ummm…just thinking.

Goddd…sometimes I think I’m in the middle of a dream…as if people around me don’t exist (coz half the time I’m not paying attention to them :P). It’s like I’m frozen, need some time to get back to my normal self, see what I’m doing and to think why am I doing it!!!

I think that’s enough of thinking. Probably I should catch on some sleep. I hardly have 5 hours left with me as it’s a working day tomorrow :(

Saturdays should not be working. Period.

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Someone! said...

Hey you cute girl... i think you think a lot...!! and i think you think good... not just that!!! i think you write well too!! :)

Hey all of us find outrselves in such a situation.. where the "Self" take on the heart and the mind! and coz its something that usually never happens.. we feel confused!! who is this person who thinks!? am i this mind?? or am i somthing more than my mind!?! all such questions! and more... so its best to just be a Witness to your thots... and see them as they come.. and you hve this amazing art of writing well! so its great that you put down your feelings in form of a blog!! Kudos...lovely to read you!! love, Nitin