Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just like that...

  • During tough times… only you can help yourself. Nobody else can. Friends are always there… but only to support you through everything. Ultimately YOU are your only aid.
  • Someone once said I am an emotional fool. I love being one :P
  • Happiness is followed by sadness and vice-versa. This moment you are sad about something…things will change the next moment.
  • Sometimes chocolates seem to be the best cure to your problems :P
  • Nobody is worth losing your self-respect. But sometimes you have to lose yourself…. not for anybody but for your own survival.
  • People are very often misunderstood. Watch your words before you speak out.
  • Apart from food, water and air…you need LOVE to LIVE unless you are the successor of Osama bin laden.
  • Cry…until you have no more tears left. And then you will start laughing like a pig :P'm not sad or depressed!!! Just some thoughts comin in my empty mind :P