Thursday, January 3, 2008

Another Day....

Another day has gone
Leaving behind past memories
And yet more to come.
Seems like I’ve been living for ages
As if birds locked in cages
Clinging on to something that is not mine.
Hoping that for once
I will be free from my inner misery.
All seems like a dream
Which cannot be achieved
But still I am in a dilemma
As I lay down and think
What is mine and what is not mine
Strings of sequences
Go past my mind
Making me realize what is
The meaning of life.
Holding my tears back
I keep on visualizing
All things that were sweet
Racing against my heartbeat.
I still find it hard to believe
Those were the things of past
Which seemed so beautiful and chaste.
Not will I once more
Think about them again
Will leave them all behind
And walk into another day
Which is full of light
And dreams untouched
That is gentle and naïve.