Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back to Blogging n Shopping :P

Soooooo……what was keeping me occupied for one month????

Loads of things….my Mommy had undergone an operation so I was busy with hospital and stuff. Did I add I hate hospitals and not to mention Doctors. They all look the same as if they are devoid of human emotions. They come with a stern look and a plastic smile on their faces. And I simply hate it when they address every single person as PATIENT repeatedly asking, “Patient kaisa hai?" , “Patient ne aaj thik se khaya?", “Patient ko thoda uthake ghumao”. Is it that difficult to call somebody by their name??? Coming back to hospitals, the very smell of them makes me feel nauseas. It’s a peculiar kind of smell which does not leave your nostrils even when you’re out. I wont wish to enter that place again. Anyways, my Mommy is fine and recovering now. :-)

Now to the wedding shopping, since work permits me with hardly anytime for the luxury of shopping, the only time left with me to shop is on weekends. I’ve gone through all sorts of materials and designs of salwar kameez and lehngas, not to forget saris. Chiffons, georgette, crape, silk, net, satin….you just have to name it. I’ve overall made a good collection of saris and suits, so far. But I guess…I still have a long way to go!!!