Saturday, January 10, 2009

Workshop on Team Integration

This week we had a workshop organised on Team Integration. I would like to mention it was the best training I've ever attended and we had loads of fun. Credit goes to our trainer, Dr Pramod Tripathi who not only was a fantastc trainer but came across as a beautiful human being too. Kudos to him!!!

At the end of the workshop, we felt fresh and rejuvenated. Ofcourse we learnt a few things too. Some important one's are:

  • Appreciate self and others preferances and behaviour from a deeper psychologcal perspective.
  • Develop and strengthen relationships and communication within sub-teams and across teams to enhance teamwork.
  • Evolve a clear 'Team Action Contract' to implement the changes after the workshop.
  • Accept individuals the way they are. [Everyone is normal and healthy]
  • Clear understanding of own self.
  • Deep insight into individuals behaviourial patterns [Why do individuals behave the way they do]
  • Introduction to The Myers - Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and The Thomas - Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI).

Now the fun part :P We got to play so many fun games and team building activities resulting in a higher interaction with the topmost management ;) We had to discuss our positive and negative points of not only ourselves but also others. That ways we got to gossip infront of the person itself!!! Dr Pramod took a promise from us that we would abide by the 'Team Contract' and asked us to write a poem thinking we have overcome our obstacles and we'r very happy. Here it goes:

I am happy and I am glad

That I'm rich and very famous

Coz my team has worked with me

And their shyness has gone over.

I am happy and I am glad

With no tensions and no worries

Coz now I'm more patient

In dealing with my buddies

P.S. You need to sing it along :P

Thursday, January 1, 2009

01 January, 2009

IT IS the First day of 2009...Thought i should have updated my blog before the day is officially over...Hmm...truly wish 2009 is a better year, at least better than 2008...2008 was definitely not a good year, with the terrorist attacks on saddened the festive spirit...hopefully 2009 gives us the strength to wipe out the dreadfull tragedy from the very history of India.