Friday, May 8, 2015


As we grow older, we get wiser. We forego the habit of gaining social acceptance, except for a few people who stop growing with time. They are still out (as in left out?) trying to gain acceptance which seems to be a social obligation keeping in mind a number of things. They fail to realise what a sheer ass they have become!! Not that I have not been in that phase ;) But before you strive to get social acceptance, it is important to accept yourself. With the passage of time you become a different reflection in the mirror. It's important to embrace that very reflection with a smile on your face. Look down at the number of achievements time has let you achieve. It has let many people in and out of your life and that too with a good cause.

I have managed to pen down my thoughts after so many years. And exactly where have I been busy?? Busy in gaining a social acceptance in the society. I would be wrong if I said no. But yes, with the passage of time I have gained a lot but still trying to accept myself.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


We all get a chance in life.
Either we've thrown it away, gave it up, wrecked it,
Lived it up to the fullest, took it for granted, or got far in it.
But still we had one.

What we could do..what could have been done
Remembering that now can’t be undone.
There was a time when we didn’t think much
For what other people would think of us.
But now we’re walking in the shadow of fear
Drowning away in an endless tear.

All life twisting our fate and thinking for people
We’re still being judged for what we say and wear.
Trying hard to survive in a manipulative world
Where good and evil co-exist as peers.

It takes a step further beyond our thinking
Who am I?
Names are many...feelings are one.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Just like that...Part II

·         When I’m tensed…I start hogging like a pig! Does that happen with others as well?

·         Chocolate seems so good in times of distress…

·         Love is all I have to keep me going…I would have collapsed long ago.

·         I literally need to drag myself out of bed everyday…and my mind is filled with weird thoughts on how to take a day off from work!

·         I’m a dreamer…with 1000 things in my head…going on in the same time…I still manage to complete my tasks with perfection! In short…I’m a genius!

·         I can’t help dreaming about food! It’s always there in the back of my mind…Sometimes I think I’m obsessed with food! Imagine you're in the middle of something really important..and you start getting wierd cravings(I mean specific here)!

·         Crying seems like the best option at time…wish crying could make things right.

·         I tend to visualize things and start living in that world…sometimes it becomes difficult to get me out of it…it almost seems like a reality!

·       Sometimes you just need to vent it out! Stop thinking of what other people will think…remember...they are not your saviours!

·         I don’t forget a single thing in the world…especially the ones that I should so that I can move on in life…but I forget simple things (I mean really names…Movies that I’ve seen…To pay bills on time…And I’m trying real hard to remember the things I forget!).

·         Why do I always think negative? I start visualizing how things would be and then become sad.

·         Old and bad memories keep on haunting me…keep making me even sadder. How can one let go of such things? Any advice?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


He came from nowhere, forever to stay

Taking that which was not is, yet willingly given

Nothing done or said, but spirits entwine

A longing empowering, but surprisingly he's mine.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Take me to the Place

where I belong....

I'll never say a thing

And I'll sing your favorite song :-)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A New Beginning :-)

Hi Guyzz...finally I'm back after a 4 months break :-) uploading a few of my marriage pics :-)
(Sorry for being late :P)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The wind said I am you
I said I am you

The wind stopped…
I looked…

I walked…
The wind looked…

The wind blew…
I stopped…

When the wind turned back,
I was blowing away…


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


A silken thread broken
Another tear stained face
Flush of emotions gone wasted
Lonely arms left to embrace.

Sweet bitter memories
Some unspoken lines
Two hearts pounding hard
A story that could have been mine.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Workshop on Team Integration

This week we had a workshop organised on Team Integration. I would like to mention it was the best training I've ever attended and we had loads of fun. Credit goes to our trainer, Dr Pramod Tripathi who not only was a fantastc trainer but came across as a beautiful human being too. Kudos to him!!!

At the end of the workshop, we felt fresh and rejuvenated. Ofcourse we learnt a few things too. Some important one's are:

  • Appreciate self and others preferances and behaviour from a deeper psychologcal perspective.
  • Develop and strengthen relationships and communication within sub-teams and across teams to enhance teamwork.
  • Evolve a clear 'Team Action Contract' to implement the changes after the workshop.
  • Accept individuals the way they are. [Everyone is normal and healthy]
  • Clear understanding of own self.
  • Deep insight into individuals behaviourial patterns [Why do individuals behave the way they do]
  • Introduction to The Myers - Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and The Thomas - Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI).

Now the fun part :P We got to play so many fun games and team building activities resulting in a higher interaction with the topmost management ;) We had to discuss our positive and negative points of not only ourselves but also others. That ways we got to gossip infront of the person itself!!! Dr Pramod took a promise from us that we would abide by the 'Team Contract' and asked us to write a poem thinking we have overcome our obstacles and we'r very happy. Here it goes:

I am happy and I am glad

That I'm rich and very famous

Coz my team has worked with me

And their shyness has gone over.

I am happy and I am glad

With no tensions and no worries

Coz now I'm more patient

In dealing with my buddies

P.S. You need to sing it along :P