Friday, May 8, 2015


As we grow older, we get wiser. We forego the habit of gaining social acceptance, except for a few people who stop growing with time. They are still out (as in left out?) trying to gain acceptance which seems to be a social obligation keeping in mind a number of things. They fail to realise what a sheer ass they have become!! Not that I have not been in that phase ;) But before you strive to get social acceptance, it is important to accept yourself. With the passage of time you become a different reflection in the mirror. It's important to embrace that very reflection with a smile on your face. Look down at the number of achievements time has let you achieve. It has let many people in and out of your life and that too with a good cause.

I have managed to pen down my thoughts after so many years. And exactly where have I been busy?? Busy in gaining a social acceptance in the society. I would be wrong if I said no. But yes, with the passage of time I have gained a lot but still trying to accept myself.