Saturday, July 7, 2007


I could feel the overflow of emotions in his heart
Making his heartbeats even more clear.
I longed for him to say something
Trying hard to read his eyes.
Not finding anything in them
As he gazed through me
As if I didn’t exist.
I closed my eyes hoping
He will be there when they’re open
But knowing well that some things weren’t possible.
Trying to race against time I fail to recall
Things were so pure and where did it all go wrong?
Now as I sit lonely amongst the crowd
The fear of deception still lurking in my heart
Feeling wont be possible for me to love again.
I again close my eyes to see what I cant
Hoping my thoughts to get clearer
But again fear of loosing my identity.
My soul cries from within
Ordering me to end this life
And enter a world where feelings are not a game.
I fight against my will
Thinking about God’s beautiful creation
But so torn is my belief as I go on to say
It is difficult for me to live this life in despair
Making it difficult for me to stay.