Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bad Luck??!!!

I often bad luck really that common??? Maybe some people are destined to bad luck..they fall into traps often..maybe I'm one of them. Or, maybe I'm the one!!!

A silly thought crossed my mind, forcing me to jot down a couple of points to validate my argument:

  • Why does it happen that I travel all the way for a meeting and that meeting gets cancelled?
  • Why is that they're always a car parked infront of my car and I just have to keep waiting for the other guy to remove it?
  • Why is it so that I come face to face to the only person I'm avoiding...does it ever happen with you?
  • Why is it that I keep on falling and tripping over 'visible' things?
  • THE word is your mind..big and bright..but when you want to say doesnt come out..wat should I say?ummmmm...FORGOT!
  • I feel sooo sleepy at times and when I try to sleep..I just can't sleep!!!..means why???
  • Feel like talking to a all your friends and no one picks my call :-(
  • Being caught up in silly (and funny situations)..making me more sillier or probably the silliest...WHY MEEE????
  • I just keep on forgetting important things (do I have amnesia???)..and here I mean important things..which I never I just FORGET :-(..means calling up a friend and getting to know its her birthday..sounds bad na??

The list is endless....but now that I'm so used to it by now (and so are my friends..they know me so well :P)...I simply keep on smiling at these silly billy things...making me look even more stupid..and I actually can't help my GOOD LUCK also BAD???


Divoo said...

hi chikki ;)

i happened to drop in here.. dont ask me how :D

kno wot, i do a lot of stuff tht u've written.. especially tripping over "visible" things and forgetting stuff :D but m used to it now... nitin n other call me clumsy and accident-prone :P

so temme hwz life gng (apart frm all these things) ? :)

Shikha Bhatnagar said...


same also used to al these things by now..especially de car parking one :-(..hehhe

lifes goin smooth...nothin much happening..u tel...howz life post marriage??

kirti said...

Yeah ur rt moti absolutely ... there are certain things which actually happens with u only lol, rest everyone faces them sumday or the other .
Take care deary