Thursday, June 5, 2008


Confused...ya..thats the current state of my mind. I'm confused about everything..the people who are in my life and also the people who arent..Confused about my future..about my profession..Confused,Confused and simply Confused!!! Was just thinking of writing something though I had had stopped writing years back...and found that my mind was completely blank. So I decided that I should just go out for a stroll which was a better option than typing and then deleting.

There's a small park just infront of my house where there are all sorts of swings..I found two small girls playing in the mud. They looked at me straight in the eye (an innocence which I cannot forget) and said, "Didi..aap hamari mummy ko to nahi bataoge ki hum mitti me khel rahe hain?". Her question made me laugh and for a moment I forgot all my worries and tensions. I replied as sweetly as I could, "Nahi bataungi..aap khelo". I looked at them. They were trying to make mud houses. Their hands were completely brown with mud but to look at them play was such a beautiful sight. I kept standing there..wondering what to say next. "Didi..aap kheloge hamare saath?" came the next question. I closed my eyes and visualised those days when I used to act in the same manner and come back home immersed in mud from head to toe. I said,"Nahi..aap khelo". I could see that they both were trying to make mud houses but were not able to. I instructed to add more water in the mud to which they readily agreed. I could see the excitement in their eyes as they completed their task. But the next moment their eyes were filled with dismay. I asked them, "Kya hua?" to which they replied, "Hum aise ghar nahi jaa sakte. Mummy dantegi. Hamaara paani bhi khatam ho gaya. Ab hum haath kaise dhoyenge?". I smiled at them and said, "Chalo mere saath". I took them to my place. Mom was surprised to see two small children accompanying me. I made them wash their small hands and asked whether they would be interested in having cookies to which they readily agreed. Just before leaving, one of them turned around and said, "Didi..aap bahut acchhe ho". I just couldnt stop smiling.

It is the best compliment I've ever received. Even though for some time, those chweet girls helped me in forgetting all my tensions and worries and I wished from the bottom of my heart to be one of them.

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